Hello, my name is Joe.

I got really tired of receiving e-mails I didn't ask for. Spam, newsletters, ads from sites where I registered ages ago, notifications, weekly digests and all that.

So I created Mailhero. I friggin' love it and now you can too.

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Mailhero forwards incoming mail to your real e-mail address. But only when you want it to.

You stop unwanted e-mails from ending up in your mailbox by using a new Mailhero address each time somebody wants you to give them your mail address. Like this.


Everything sent to those addresses are then forwarded to your own, regular, mail address that you currently use. The second you start getting mail you don't fancy, just tell Mailhero to stop forwarding mails from that specific e-mail address.

Cool, I'll give it a shot!

How does Mailhero work?

You create new Mailhero e-mail addresses on the fly. Just add anything you like before your Mailhero e-mail address followed by a dot. I do this everytime I register online, give out my e-mail at a store, on membership applications, when I sign a petition and everything else.

Registering on a new web site?

Give them an e-mail address like:


Applying for a new credit card?

Give them something like this:


Posting your e-mail address on a forum?

Use an address like this:


All these e-mail addresses then get all their mail automatically forwarded to your real e-mail address until you tell Mailhero to stop.

Have you ever gotten this feeling?

"Aww! I'm not really sure I want to give these guys my e-mail address... They're going to start mailing me stuff I don't want. I don't even know them, maybe my mailbox will start getting spam? But I don't know what else to put here... Crap."

No, you are not being paranoid. Here are some examples from my own mailbox.

Thumbnail Image
Gigantic international soft drink maker whose name begins with 'C'

I participated in a competition and gave them a unique mail address. But they could be trusted, right? Not so. Within a year that address ended up in the hands of spammers.

Thumbnail Image
Trusted international payment service starting with the letter 'N'

I registered an account which I used to transfer funds to and from gaming sites. Spammers got ahold of my e-mail address within weeks.

Thumbnail Image
Well-known Internet Service provider starting with the letter 'D'

I used their free DNS hosting service, which at the time was the biggest in the world. After a short while I started to receive spam to that specific address.

Take it for a spin and see if you like it!

Yep, it's free!